Understand the Cybercrimes Act of Jamaica

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This site will help you to understand Jamaica's Cybercrimes Act of 2015.

This site is operated by G5 Cyber Security, Inc., an intelligent team of Cyber Security Consultants.

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G5 Cyber Security provides intelligent consulting services to help companies and people to manage their security risks. G5 helps them to identify, assess, classify and respond to security vulnerabilities and issues. Additionally, G5 educates people on good security habits for themselves and their families.

The original author

Originally this guide was developed by Gavin Dennis, a Cyber Security Consultant from Jamaica but it is now owned and maintained by G5 Cyber Security, Inc.

Why does G5 care

G5 Cyber Security cares about Jamaica and its citizens. We understand that Cyber Security in Jamaica is still a developing industry and requires professional support to develop nationally. This guide was created to help Jamaicans understand the Act and embrace the act to protect themselves from and get justice against Cyber Crime.

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Academically, G5's team holds at least the following security qualifications: CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), CISM (Certified Information Security Manager), CASP (CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner), CySA+ (CompTIACybersecurity Analyst+), and eWPT (eLearnSecurity Web Application Penetration Tester).

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